Policies for the recruitment, admission and selection of students for all programmes:
The recruitment and selection of students in the Eastern Cape must ensure the accessibility of nursing training programmes to rural and urban candidates and alleviate the lack of nurses in the province, particularly in remote rural areas.
General notes
Prospective students must meet the minimum statutory requirements based on the Senior National Certificate (NSC) or the equivalent school leave for admission to higher certification or diploma programmes and a certificate of candidate studies.
• Provisional admission will be based on the levels/symbols obtained in the twelfth year of June/September the examinations or confirmation that the study leave is drawn up by the current employer. However, the final decision to study at Lilith’s Nursing college will be based on the results of Grade 12, confirming that the applicant received study leave from the employer and did not reach the retirement age (55-60) applicable to all university programmes;
• There are specific requirements for all specific programs. The suction point System (APS) is used to assign point values to your NSC or equivalent objects:
Lilitha Outlet Point System Nursing College application
NSC levels NSC% APS% symbol
7 80-90% 6 80-90% A
6 70-79% 5 70-79% b
5 60-69% 4 60-69% c
4 50-59% 3 50-59% d
3 40-49% 2 40-49 E
2 30-39% 1 30-39% f
1 0-29% 0 0-29%
For example, to enroll in a basic diploma, you need an APS of at least 18 with an equivalent of NSC/pass Biology/Life sciences at level 4 or D symbol and in English at level 3 or and aggregate symbol:
NSC topics NSC% APS allocated level
Admission Score 21
English 54% 4 3
Afrikaans 38% 2 1
Biology/Biological Sciences 62% 5 4
Physical Sciences 60% 5 4
Mathematics 32% 2 1
Life Orientation 77% 6 5
Geography 68% 5 4

The applicant met the requirements for admission to the diploma as it is above 18 points

• There are limits to the number of students who can be admitted to each program because it depends on the capacity accredited by the South African Nursing Council. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee the automatic acceptance or registration of the specified program. Candidates will be required to undergo tests and interviews as a means for projected candidates further.
• Applicants in possession of an experience/health-related matrix certificate will be registered according to the quota identified for this group, as follows:
• Researchers: 50%
• Candidates with NSC Certificate of 12 years: 20%
• Applicants with an array of health/certificate experience: 10%
• Service officials: 20%
• Please note that the conditions of admission are subject to change and the college:
• Investing heavily in nurses for ECDoH structures;
• will not invest in candidates who have attempted other avenues, for example, abandoned universities/colleges and;
• will not invest in candidates who are in possession of other qualifications. If this is to be discovered at any stage of the process, the candidate will be disqualified.
How to apply the college Lilith nursing application
• Advertising is placed in the local newspapers (Daily Dispatch and Herald) in April/May, as well as on the department’s website: www.Impumelelo.ecprov.gov.za to invite candidates for appropriate applications for all programs offered at Lilith College of Nursing.
• Before submitting your application and paying the registration fee, please take note of the minimum admission requirements for all the programs of your choice.
NB The registration fee is non-refundable
• In the application form, attach the identification document, the required school reports and the deposit receipt indicating that the registration fee for this specific programme has been filed.
• The closing date will be indicated in the ad of the specific year.
Financial Facts Lilith Application Nursing College
Before you enroll as a student, you need to determine whether you will have sufficient funds to fund your studies. Higher education costs include tuition fees, books, travel expenses, accommodation, meals and general subsistence expenses.
ECDoH offers financial assistance to full-time students in the form of a scholarship on an annual basis. Scholarships will be automatically assigned to the predetermined percentage of selected candidates based on their enrolment with the University of nursing (F @ f @ lwith) of Lilitha.

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