The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association include medical guidelines and scientific statements about various cardiovascular diseases and strokes. AGA/ASA Voluntary scientists and health workers write a statement. These statements are published by scientific research in recognized journals and have a thorough review and approval process. Scientific statements generally include a review of available data on a particular subject, an assessment of their relationship to common cardiovascular diseases, and often a “yes/ASA” position based on this assessment.

Current management Kardiozhenik Shock

This scientific statement about Kardiozhenik shocks summarizes the epidemiology, pathology, aetiology and results of Kardiozhenik shocks, reviews of the current best medical, surgical, mechanical support for the circulation and The therapy, advocates the development of regional health systems and outlines future priorities of research.

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Stroke Association (ASA) have updated their guidelines to prevent future strokes in patients with a history of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). At present, the average annual rate of future strokes in these patients is the historical minimum. This is the result of new approaches and improvements to existing approaches to treat these patients. The following recommendations are new or fundamentally revised by the previous “AGA/ASA” directive.

The blood pressure therapy should be initiated in already untreated patients with stroke or TIA, if after the first days blood pressure 140 mm. The art. Sistolik or higher or 90 mm. The art. or higher. In the first few days after a stroke or TIA is recommended to continue the treatment of patients with known hypertension. The blood pressure is unclear and needs to be applied individually. However, it is reasonable to keep the blood pressure below 140 mm. The art. Sistolik and 90 mm. The art. In patients with a recent gap, an appropriate target may be less than 130 mm. The art.

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